• How to Fortify Your Spiritual Immunity; Fear is a Virus, You are the Antidote

    Just as we need to take care of our physical immune system, so too we need to fortify our spiritual immune system

    We think that taking care of our physical bodies by eating healthy will be enough. The kicker is that if our spiritual immune system is weak, it greatly affects us physically and the result is illness, dis-ease, depression, anxiety and so on.

    When our physical bodies are weak they become susceptible to viruses, bacteria and pathogens. So too when our mind, emotions and spirit are not fortified, we become susceptible to to lower energies and spirits such as fear.

    Operating in fear means that the body, mind, emotions and spirit are not in harmony. When these four pillars are out of whack we become targets with a weakened spiritual immune system.

    This happens due to the way we bring our past experiences and perceptions of the world into our now. The filters of our past experiences and social conditioning have kept us trapped in a perpetual cycle where we bring yesterday into today which limits our ability to create and manifest a new possibility.

    This cycle means that we don’t dream greater than our circumstances because we are constantly relying on the past to project the future. We have created a filtered lens of fear, lack, scarcity, survival, stress, depression, and anxiety which is constantly weakening and poisoning our spiritual immune system.

    When we look at the world through fear, we react through fear and that fear gets into us and we become sick; spiritually sick. We start to share our fear, we speak with others through fear and we start infecting people with this fear virus, and the next person and the next. It continues through generations of families until everybody is infected and we are unable to communicate through a different mindset.

    Operating in this constant reaction of fear creates inflammation and cellular breakdown and an imbalance of our delta and theta waves. It literally creates a vessel filled with poison.

    The biggest fear, the biggest issue that we have is hanging on to the virus and the poison by focusing on it, sharing it, talking about it; rather than letting it go and learning how to view the world through a lens of love rather than fear.

    We need to become more conscious of how we speak to one another, what we share and consume on social media and most importantly how we speak to ourselves.

    In Shamanism, everything is a Spirit. The Universe is animated. Plants and animals and everything is nature is a Spirit. So too is fear a Spirit, love is a Spirit, Joy is a Spirit, Money is a Spirit.

    Each and everyone one of us has the ability to connect to any Spirit and build a loving and trusting relationship with it. Doing this will deepen your connection to nature, to the Spirit world and to yourself.

    It will result in a new and beautiful way of being. You will fortify your spiritual immune system and by default strengthen your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

    • Your Relationships will Thrive

    • Abundance will Flow Seamlessly

    • Inspiration & Creativity will come Easily

    • Joyfulness & Playfulness will become Your Best Friends

    • Self-Love will Rule the Day

    • Peace and Bliss will be the New Normal


    I know, I know; you may think and even believe that this is impossible. I know I sure did. BUT, my life changed on a dime about 11 years ago. I was stuck in a loop of darkness and negativity. I did not like myself, let alone have any love for myself. I was firmly cemented in the 3D prison of survival; constantly viewing my life and the world through a lens of fear. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop even when things seemed to be going well.

    I put up walls trying to protect myself, but all I did was create a prison. I trusted no one, especially myself. I felt unworthy of love, peace and abundance which resulted in self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours. I went in and out of addictions with alcohol and drugs. I felt hopeless more often than not.

    I came to a point of knowing that if something didn’t change, it would be the end. I somehow mustered the courage to change my life and I was shown how to escape my prison.

    Why do you say in prison when the door is wide open


    Life is brief. I realized that if not now, then when. How much time do we really have left in this body. What can we do with that time? Do we choose to live in fear or do we choose to try to live freely? Can we find the willingness to escape the prison?

    Challenges and Obstacles will always show up; How you respond to them and solve them will be DIFFERENT.

    Not everything in life will ever go 100% your way. There are just too many variables and we need the co-operation from others which as we know can be tricky and complex. External influences such as partners, family members, social media, viruses and friends all contribute to how we show up and view this crazy thing called life.

    The BIG question is; are you willing to view life through a lens of love rather than fear and survival? We think we need to protect ourselves and put up barriers and defence systems. All this does is create an environment where others will reflect this back to us and the cycle continues.

    So… How??? What can you do to escape the prison?

    Here’s what I discovered and if it can work for me, it can work for anyone. And no, you don’t have to be a shaman to do this.

    1. Be willing to be uncomfortable while you learn how to shift. Discomfort can be one of our greatest teachers as we become more aware of where we are stuck in our beliefs.

    2. WRITE!!! Keeping a journal of your thoughts and emotions is not only a great way to get sh%t out and release it. Writing also gives us a means to become more self aware and creative when solving problems.

    3. Start to notice your habits, patterns & preferences and make notes of them. ie. Do you have a go to phrase that you always use in response to something? What happens when you become triggered by your own thoughts, someone else, or external situations? It can also be something very simple like, do you always put your left or right shoe on first?

    4. Question your current beliefs, question the hell out of them. Where did they come from? How have they impacted your life? How have they limited you?

    5. Be the witness; the observer rather than judging or engaging with thoughts, emotions or external situations.

    6. Try to not compare your life with others; Comparison is the thief of Joy.

    Hands On Tools & Techniques

    • When you become triggered and enter the “dark place”; BREATHE and take 3 deep breaths. This stops the stress hormone release into your system. Count to 6, then consciously direct your attention on something that you love and makes you smile.

    • Place one hand on your belly button, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and say “download wisdom to dispel fear”. Say it over and over again with deeper intensity until you feel the fear, stress or anxiety dissipate.

    • Take a shower. Water is an amazing cleansing element and spirit. Visualize any negative energy washing off and going down the drain. Give thanks to the water spirits.

    • Listen to this shamanic healing icaro/medicine song to calm the mind https://youtu.be/MKZk3jmNVZo

    • Where you take your mind and thoughts, your spirit and energies will follow. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, imagine and visualize your greatest dream of what it is you want to create and how you want to live your life. See it as best as you are able. Feel the love, joy and gratitude that it is already yours. We are constantly dreaming our lives into reality. Every thought, emotion and action are sending vibrations out into the Universe and being delivered back to us. Focus on what it is you wan, not what you don’t want. The Intelligent Universe doesn’t distinguish the difference, it only picks up on where the energy is directed.

    You have the power to liberate yourself.

    If we continue to ignore our inner landscape of fear, we will have no hope of salvaging humanity. Each and every one of us has the power to shift and transform ourselves so that we can shine for the well-being of all.

    These tools and techniques are a terrific starting point. Work with them consistently. Wash, rinse and repeat. It won’t happen overnight; be patient.

    Dive in Deeper

    As they say, it’s about the journey. The path to liberation and living the life of your wildest dreams is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. It is accessible to anyone.

    If you feel called to dive deeper, please reach out and schedule a FREE Discovery Call.

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    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope it helped.

    With Love and Gratitude,


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