Shamanic Healing  - What is it?

Essentially the root of all issues is FEAR!   

Fear is like a nasty virus that has penetrated our energy systems for a multitude of reasons.  We have come to view the world through a lens of fear rather than through a lens of love.  We look at fear and love as opposites when in truth they are the same thing, they are trust, separated by varying degrees.  Just as we look at cold and hot as opposites, they are temperature, separated by varying degrees.  When we are blocked energetically, the lower vibration of fear remains stuck with no where to go and becomes our dominant operating system.  With Shamanic Healing we untangle the blocks so that the fear has a way to release and exit; opening us up to higher possibilites and allowing us to navigate towards higher degrees of love.  In this way we fortify your spiritual immune system and by default strengthen your physical, emotional & mental well-being. 

* Your relationships with yourself and others will thrive

* Abundance will flow seamlessly

* Inspiration & Creativity will come easily

* Joyfullness & Playfulness will be your new best friends

* Self-love & love for others will rule the day

* Peace & Bliss will be the new normal


 Anything is Possible!!!


 Experience the Power of Shamanic Healing

90 minute session - $150 usd


Let's face it; life can be messy.  There are challenges & obstacles seemingly around every corner.


Our past experiences and perceptions of how we have learned to see ourselves and the world around us creates energetic blocks that prevent us from claiming our power to live, love and create freely. 


Energy is everything and in all "things".  It is in our physical world and most importantly, in the unseen realms & dimensions. When our energy is blocked, we feel like a pressure cooker about to boil over but the lid is on so tight there is no outlet for release.

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