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We will navigate through the layers of trauma to uncross and straighten those energies so that you will be able to implement the tools provided easily in day to day life.  We will dig into the "stories" and perceptions that have formed your belief system and trigger points which will allow you to resolve habits and patterns that are limiting your growth and potential.  


When we are able to see the triggers and possess the tools to move through them, we are able to start re-writing the stories and see things from a higher perspective and create a new perception of our reality.  


You will learn how to release the negative thought and emotion loops that can paralyze and debilitate.  When we are in a constant loop of fight or flight, we become scattered and fragmented.  Decision making seems impossible and we quickly give up because we think that nothing can change and the ego pulls us into the same old fear, worry and doubt stories.


We will look at how we shape and become attached to who you think you are and learn how to wear your memory as a loose garment.  We are all an accumulation of impressions that constantly get replayed over and over again in the mind.  When you create distance from these attachments and perceptions, the mind and the ego get tired and start to quiet which creates the space needed to deal with or resolve whatever may be going on in the external environment.  We will recondition and re-wire the mind, perceptual reality and re-write a new story and dissolve labels and limiting beliefs and patterns.


Through the process you will come to understand and know that you have created this version of yourself and that it is within your power to re-create and transform into a new self.  You will learn how to connect to your Divine Source and the Source of all Creation to center and receive the infinite wisdom of the Universe, and to trust that wisdom and guidance, resulting in a life of grace, ease and freedom.


You will be able to co-create and manifest all of your dreams and desires which are your birthright as well as learn how to work with Spirit and your guides in a deep and profound way which develops trust and faith in your innate psychic and intuitive abilities.


These sessions, processes and tools in essence weed the garden;  till and make fertile the soil, so that the new seeds you are planting will grow.  As you clear out existing baggage, your intuition and imagination/creativity will expand.  


There are 9 sessions in total of  90 minutes each spread out every 10 days for 3 months.




















There will be homework for you to do as we introduce new tools, techniques and processes.  


It is a process and the 3 months will give you a solid foundation for moving forward.  It is beautiful work, yet it can still be messy as we navigate through the layers.  There will be challenges and there will be triggers, but I will be with you every step of the way.


With Love and Gratitude,



Sessions to include but not limited to:


        *  Shamanic Healing Ceremony/Journey                                                                  *  Accepting and  Releasing the Past

        *  Healing Trauma and Attached Entanglements                                                       *  Guided Meditations & Processes

        *  Connecting to Source Wisdom                                                                              *  Soul Retrieval

        *  Medicine Bag of Tools, Tips & Techniques                                                           *  Dissolving Attachments to Identity, Ego, & Mind

        *  Re-conditioning the Mind                                                                                       *  Resolving Karmic Structures, Habits & Patterns

        *  Releasing Negative Thoughts & Emotions                                                            *  Navigating Fear and Doubt

        *  Opening the Heart                                                                                                    *  Forgiveness

         *  Challenging & Shifting Beliefs                                                                               *  Connecting to Spirit Guides

                                                                                  Access Higher Dimensions of Consciousness


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