• An Expression of My Love; I See the Divine in You

    I wrote this piece some years ago. I had met someone who I immediately knew I had a connection to, even though we had not met before in this lifetime.

    The emotions and knowing were so strong I was dazed and somewhat confused. Was it a past love? What was our connection? Who are you meant to be in my life now?

    My mind wanted to make sense of it and at the same time I knew it could not. It was beyond all rational thought. How could the intensity be so palpable?

    I realized a few days ago as I dug out the parchment of this writing that it was not meant for just one. It is meant for all of you; and for myself. A desire to see all as the beautiful Divine creations that you are with complete inclusivity.

    It is an expression of my love for life; ALL LIFE. A desire for remembrance of our love as the infinite Cosmos and the Divinity that lies within all of us. To know you, to love you and experience you fully and completely without judgement.

    To dance with you in a delicate embrace of Divine Oneness!

    So here we go.

    “As I float through the streams of love and wisdom the Divine has placed before me, I am in constant awe of the orchestral movements within the mysterious Universe.

    Butterflies appear overhead and dance in unison with infinity while transforming my soul below.

    Visions become reality within the totality of the illusion … so real and palpable; impossible to be mistaken for a dream.

    Pinching myself is excused as confirmation rather than disbelief.

    The sweet melody of synchronicity has me spellbound as I stumble forward.

    Your unyielding beauty steals my breath away as though it were my first sighting.

    In absolute devotion I clutch and tear at my chest, surrendering my heart to the jaws of desire set before me like a steel trap. I am terrified; and with tears streaming; I pray it not spring shut before devouring me whole.

    Where have you been? … Creating?… Becoming Divine?

    I am lost somewhere between limitless and nothingness, spinning in a vacuum of Stardust. The Milky Way seems trivial compared to your smile.

    Mesmerized by the depth of your Spirit, I find myself teetering on your eyelash to catch a clear glimpse.

    The simple mention of your name turns my world inside out, exposing the rawness of my yearning.

    Cutting through all pretence of ego; the chords of fear tighten their choking grip before yielding to the pressure of undeniable joy.

    Tumbling into your innocence all weights are gone as I melt into the sweetness of your voice.

    I see the enigma that you are and embrace the unknown riddle with curious awareness.

    The watery moonlight reveals trumpeting Angels announcing the dance that has begun somewhere between midnight and tomorrow … will you come?

    The Grace with which you move is unmatched by who you are in all your flawed perfection.

    Frantic, I long to find my feet that have disappeared beneath the shaking of my core. Spinning and twirling upon the rings of Saturn; I find I have no need of them … and we dance.

    Every moment as seamless as watercolour seeping across paper, transforming nothingness into a masterpiece.

    You have art in you; I approach not as collector … but canvas; stretched taut; waiting in anticipation for reflection.

    And the breath that was once stolen returns to its rightful place, and heaven and earth are made ONE”.

    I see the Divine in you! I love you as you are right now!

    With Love and Gratitude,


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