How to Pull your Ego out of Duality & Into Service

    The EGO is not your enemy!  Demonizing your ego creates separation keeping you stuck in duality and untruth.

    We are constantly writing code; every thought, word and action is sending a message out to the Universe and also to ourselves.  This code is directly connected to our beliefs and our identity.  

    As soon as we come into this world and 3D reality, our mind starts creating an attachment to this reality  through an identity known as the "ego".  The more identity constructs we take on, the stronger, bigger and more stubborn the ego becomes.  The ego will protect your identity at all costs due to our attachments and beliefs.  Most of these attachments and beliefs were formed long ago and while you may not think or believe that you have not created the challenges in your life; they were formed at a very subconscious level.

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